Plusieurs sites institutionnels ciblés par des cyberattaques de gilets jaunes

A yellow vest (Gilets jaunes) protester wearing a Guy Fawkes mask gestures in front of French riot police during a demonstration against rising oil prices and living costs in Tours, central France on December 1, 2018. The "yellow vest" or "Gilets jaunes" movement is named after the high-visibility jackets which motorists are required to carry in their cars. The movement, organised through social media, has steadfastly refused to align with any political party or trade union and includes many pensioners and has been most active in small urban and rural areas where it has blocked roads, closed motorway toll booths, and even walled up the entrance to tax offices.

Des cyberattaques contre plusieurs sites institutionnels ont été menées par des gilets jaunes. Les sites internet de l'Urssaf, le ministère de la Justice et plusieurs universités ont été ciblés et de nouvelles actions sont prévues samedi.

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