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A drawing is hanging on the fence of the city hall of Saint-Feliu-d'Avall on December 16, 2017, dedicated to victims, two days after some children from the town were involved in an accident when a regional TER train crashed into a school bus at a level crossing in Millas. At least five children were killed and 20 people injured, nine seriously, on December 14, when a train crashed into the school bus. The bus, which was carrying around 20 students from a local secondary school, was struck by the train in Millas about 18 kilometres west (11 miles) of the city of Perpignan, close to the Spanish border.

Un premier comité local d'aide aux victimes de la collision entre un train et un car scolaire a été mis en place ce samedi. Pour le préfet, l'heure est au "deuil".

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