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A protester throws a projectile during clashes with police at a demonstration in support of the Notre-Dame-des-Landes ZAD (Zone a Defendre - Zone to defend) anti-airport camp on April 14, 2018, in Nantes, western France, as a police operation to clear the decade-old camp is ongoing.
In January, the government jettisoned plans for an airport that had divided the local community for nearly half a century, and told the protesters to clear off the farmland by spring. But some of the motley group of eco-warriors, anti-capitalists and farmers who had turned the 1,600-hectare (4,000-acre) site into a utopian experiment in autonomous living had demanded the right to stay put. The government said the main aim of the operation was to retake control of a key road that had been blocked for five years and evict around 100 "of the most radical" squatters from a total of around 250.

Ils devaient être présentés ce jeudi matin à un juge. 

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