Muslim men (L) and other mourners carry olive branch wreaths as they arrive at the Saint Etienne Church in Trebes in southwest France for a service of remembrance on March 25, 2018, two days after a man carried out an attack in which four people were killed. Mourners in this rural French town rocked by a deadly Islamist attack held a mass on Palm Sunday to pay tribute to the victims, including a policeman hailed a hero for offering himself in place of a hostage. Lieutenant-Colonel Arnaud Beltrame, 44, was shot and stabbed after taking the place of a woman whom Radouane Lakdim had been using as a human shield during his attack Friday on a supermarket in the small town of Trebes.


En hommage aux quatre tués et aux blessés des attaques de l'Aude, une messe est organisée ce dimanche à Trèbes. 

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